It’s back to the abstracts! I’m so in love with these… I had a macro-photography brainstorm, and suddenly I seemed to have plunged straight into the kind of world I so love to read about – taking shots I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to capture for years… And here they were, almost without my consciously trying to catch them!

I’m afraid that’s the thing though… Afraid, because I don’t know if I can get there again because I’ll be trying too hard next time.

But let’s not worry about that now! For now, I hope you might share some of the magic of what I found the other day…

(These really need to be viewed in full size and one by one. Just saying…)


Winter ambivalence

It’s cold and it’s dark, but there are also brilliant days, and even when overcast or snowing there is a particular light to the short days…



_MG_41530 _MG_41411




There’s always beauty, even at the darkest of times… 🙂

Photo Art Friday – Sky


Well, there *are* skies there… The sunset sky should be obvious, but it is also reflected in the colour of the big droplet… And for this PAF it is the colours that count for me, as I used them to create this month’s contributions to the gallery: one shot, two versions, each infused with the colours of different skies…



My little homage to the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid… 😉

More beautiful skies at

A fairytale

This is another one for mum… and maybe for my nephews, but I guess they’ll have to wait for the Swedish version! 😉


there were two ant girls who lived in a big ant colony with all their kith and kin. Their names were Ingelifin and Kakadora, and they were the very best of friends.

On this day, Ingelifin and Kakadora had been given a very big responsibility; they were asked by the colony eldest to take a herd of the colony’s precious weevils out to graze, so that the weevils could be milked for the sweet nectar that all ants loved to drink.


The eldest told the girls to be very careful with the herd, and then he sent them on their way.


Ingelifin and Kakadora were both proud and a little nervous – it was a very big responsibility to be out with the herd, but they were very pleased that the eldest had thought that they could handle it. They walked up the green stalk that the weevils liked to feed on, determined to do a good job.

But then…


the weevils were suddenly restless, even anxious! They started milling around in all directions, and the girls had to look around to see what was frightening the herd.


Ingelifin and Kakadora almost fell off the stalk! A big ladybug monster was coming up the stalk towards them, and it wanted to eat the herd!


The girls were terribly afraid of the monster, but they were even more afraid of losing the herd! The herd was in *their* care, and the poor little weevils would have no chance at all on their own against the ladybug monster! And so both Ingelifin and Kakadora put their fear aside and did the only thing they could: they charged the monster before it charged them…


Brave Ingelifin tried to charge right on, but the monster just bent its head and took it on its hard shell.


Ingelifin then fearlessly attacked from above, but the monster’s hard carapace gave her no grip. Was there then no way to get to this beast?


But Kakadora had been brave too, if also a little more sly. While Ingelifin distracted the monster with her attacks, Kakadora had snuck beneath it, and now she found a good grip where the shell met its flat underbelly…


… and with a mighty heave, Kakadora tipped the monster off the stalk!

So fearlessly attacked and defeated, the monster ladybug took fright! It turned its tail and ran away, and the ants and all their weevils were safe again!


Oh, the girls were so happy! They hugged each other, they cheered and danced, they even hugged the weevils of the herd!


Then they brought the herd back home again and told everyone what had happened. And when the others heard how brave they had been, Ingelifin and Kakadora were given as many leaf-cups of nectar to drink as they could ever have wished for in their whole lives!