Winter ambivalence

It’s cold and it’s dark, but there are also brilliant days, and even when overcast or snowing there is a particular light to the short days…



_MG_41530 _MG_41411




There’s always beauty, even at the darkest of times… 🙂

The non-chosen

There were more runners-up than the Eric trio for this week’s Fototriss… And since I prepared them, I thought I might as well post the others, too…

One idea was for a trio of funny birds.

And then there was the paticularily posing trio.

And, finally, the option of an all-bluetit trio…

They’re just irresistible!

Happiness is an organic sunflower-seed…

The bird-feeding has been in full swing around here (if anyone had missed that), and I am now happy to be able to provide organically grown sunflower-seeds from my local producer. And the birds love them…

For a fuller exposé, please visit the gallery October birds.

Please click images for best quality.

And we’re off!

At our place, the bird-feeding season has officially begun!

In preparation for this winter’s efforts, I have not only approached SlĂ„ttergubben (Swedish only) – a local provider of organically produced bird-feed – with a potential deal of pics for a disount. I have also erected a new feeding post close to the shelter of a caragana bush – and, incidentally, rather close to my kitchen window as well… – and polished the windows carefully… 🙂

All in the happy anticipation of plenty of nice opportunities for up close and personal bird photography!