Happiness is an organic sunflower-seed…

The bird-feeding has been in full swing around here (if anyone had missed that), and I am now happy to be able to provide organically grown sunflower-seeds from my local producer. And the birds love them…

For a fuller exposé, please visit the gallery October birds.

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The sun’s out!

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These sunflowers are grown for the production of organic bird-feed by Slåttergubben (sorry, Swedish only) – a ‘neighbour’ of ours,

He actually came by as I was roaming the edges of his field, and gave me permission to enter. Half an hour of popping up and down among the massive flowers later, I forced myself out again; there’s really only so many angles you can take on a sunflower, and if I was still missing some by then, I wasn’t likely to think of it that day anyway…

But I’m looking forward to feeding the birds at home with local produce this winter! 🙂