New beginnings…

And so it’s been a long time again… My former blog was called “The intermittent blog” – a name I sometimes feel I should have kept… 🙂

But I digress.

I haven’t been idle, I’ve just not found the time for blogging – though some shots have appeared on Facebook, and quite a few perhaps more mundane things have been posted via Instagram  – @hagafotografen – (lovely, fast publishing tool…).

And some ideas, one in particular, has been slowly simmering away in the privacy of my brain – and camera. Now, however, I’ve committed to pursuing it a little more officially, and hence – return to the blogosphere!

Actually, I’m not going to talk all about it. I’m just going to post a couple of shots that represent, in a way, my first efforts in a for me unusually long and long-termed photoart project… And so, the nervous question that at some time or other must enter every budding artist’s public communication… do you like?


New hunting grounds

I’m moving houses, and I spent a couple of hours at the new place the other day, shifting some stuff, viewing the garden, and meeting the avian neighbours… The first to greet me was, to my delight, a new acquaintance.


A coal tit – one of many around, apparently – chatty, unafraid, and very, very cute.

There was also a flock of bullfinches who dropped by to say hello. Did I mention I love bullfinches?


We have them here, too. We hear them all the time, but we rarely see them, and certainly not up close. But I suspect that since my new place has been empty for a while, they’re not so withdrawn around there. So far…

Winter birds

I love bullfinches. And we have quite a bunch of them around here, but we hear them more than we see them. They keep to themselves. But every once in a while – especially in the winter, although it’s not very wintry here yet… – you spot them, a flock sitting in a tree and dropping down to the ground every now and then to pick at delicacies still available. Not unlike bohemian waxwings, actually. A lot more shy, though…


As I stood there, under a neighbouring tree, trying to get closer to the bullfinches, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. There was someone who wasn’t very shy at all! A treecreeper was hopping up the trunk of the tree next to me, and if it was quick around the trunk, well, at least I had my camera ready in hand…


Though admittedly, some of the shots were better suited for a little creative editing afterwards… so it’s a good thing I like that, too! 😉



Long-tailed bushtit

Quite unexpectedly I found myself surrounded by these little beauties on a photo-walk today! Tiny, almost spherical-looking, and startlingly white in the so far grey-green landscape around here…



One of them was so busy with its search for tidbits in the bushes that it let me come fairly close… though admittedly it looks like this particular one has a bit of a history of reckless behaviour…



Empty nests

Went kingfisher hunting – for ringing – with the experts again today, but the nest we went to contained nothing but pieces of shell and abandoned eggs. We then went to a nearby nest as well, hoping that they might have tried again there instead, but that was empty. It’s not uncommon this late in the season, but it was still a little sad.

Fortuately, I still have shots from the last round of ringing; a rather more successful event.

10-days-old kingfisher ready for ringing.

Chick at about 18 days of age…

A little later, however, as we [sic] were inspecting and putting holes in a new nest-bank, we heard the cry of a kingfisher over the river. That suggests that there is still a couple around, meaning that they were most likely successful in another nest after all – it just wasn’t in any of those we checked.

Too bad on the ringing, but good to hear they’re still around!


New, custom-built nesting bank…