The herd is growing

Yet another horse arrived in our stables yesterday – the Norwegian fjord horse Silver – and today was his first day out with the others. And happenings in the herd are always good for a photo-op!


_MG_33262 _MG_33316



Not quite Photo Art Friday – Collage

Well, I’ve just had too much on my plate lately. But Bonnie’s optional theme of ‘Collage’ did tickle my imagination eventually, and so I decided to revisit an old friend


If you look at the original image, you’ll see that the idea was to make it look like one window with lots of panes, and Lo behind each and every one of them… well, sort of, anyway.

In this version, the filter work (Watercolour and Find edges) and pdpa Painterly texture work to create lots of little watercolours in a grid, and perhaps the “window” aspect is somewhat lost… but still. I love this collage, and I love those watercolour effects! So, there you are; my collage for this week.

It’s too late for me to join this week, but I recommend a visit to the gallery anyway, at

Photo Art Friday – Brown Rice Paper

Well, it’s not brown in my version because I was looking for a little more… drama…
It also wasn’t on time for the PAF showcasing… but I’ll leave it in anyway 🙂


This is one in a series, really, though I haven’t quite decided what to do with them, or if they should all be edited in the same way.

For this, I’ve really used a double edit, as I had already settled on an Instagram Earlybird style editing (actually done in Photoshop for better quality) with an added papery texture for the original htc shot. Seeing the pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture challenge, I decided to go a little further and turned it black-and-white, gave it a Watercolour filter treatment, and added the green channel of the texture (as grayscale) in two layers – one at Hard Light mode (50%) and one at Colour Burn (64%).

Sorry for the long silence, hopefully it’ll all be improving from now on 🙂

Please visit the other artists showcasing their work at

Photo Art Friday – Still life

This is so much fun! 🙂

This week’s Photo Art Friday (optional) challenge is still life. As with lines, it’s not something I often consider or work with, but that’s what a challenge is for, right?

I did have a couple of shots of an ageing apple, taken some months ago (after seeing some inspirational and amazing photos by jacglenphoto) that I never got around to doing anything about… but as still life shots, I thought I’d give one of them a try for this challenge:

Original shot.

Duplicated with soft light and screen blending modes, water colour filter added, duplicated with high pass filter and hard light blending mode, coarse paper texture added, saturation and intensity adjusted. All work done in PS CS5.

For some reason, still life pretty much equals watercolour in my mind, and I wanted to try out a few new paper textures of mine… so a watercolour it was. And then some…

And that led me to another picture. This one a more recent shot where I personally loved the pose, but which left a little too much to be wished for strictly as a photograph.

Original shot.

“Paintifying” done with a heavily noise reduced layer followed by several layers of soft light blended, low value high pass filtered copies. Then two kinds of paper textures were added using soft light and multiply blending modes, and image was finally adjusted for saturation and intensity.

I know these images are rather low-key edited, but I’m trying not to make the novice’s usual mistake of going absolutely nuts with possibilities… 🙂 plus, a kind of pale serenity seemed right for the theme!

Looking forward to seeing all the other works at

Photo Art Friday – Lines

By way of fellow Fototrisser Anki-itte I found my way to another photo challenge, called Photo Art Friday. Considering the blog-name I use, I couldn’t very well refuse…

I hope this will be a wonderful excuse to play unreservedly with images and imagery, and to gain new insights and a wider experience from sharing and engaging with like-minded others!

So. First out is the topic of Lines. Not normally my preferred kettle of fish, but then I had a couple of pictures, newly taken, that fit right into that category… And I had the inspiration of site Pixel Dust Photo Art, where admin Bonnie hosts the challenge.

Time to play…

(Please click images for best view (at 100%).)

I use noise reduction in Camera raw to create a slightly “painted” feeling, and the resulting images have been merged with my own canvas and terracotta textures respectively. The former was also merged with the colouring of a “Painterly” texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art – thanks Bonnie! 🙂 I then used layers and blending options in Photoshop (hard and soft light, screen, colour burn) to create the contrast and light I wanted, and some adjustment layers and filters to reduce saturation and enhance detail (high pass).

The second image was electronically double exposed using a horisontally flipped extra layer to create the somewhat chaotic mirror shadow. I thought it jarred nicely with my vaguely uneasy feelings about the whole thing… 😉

See more photo art at

Autumn on the flats

More pics from Saturday, this time some of the shots I went out to get… but as usual, reality conspired to provide a variety of circumstances, so the results reflect that, too… 🙂

Minor point of interest perhaps: If you click up the images to full size, you’ll see that the first shows an abundance of birds… They’re herons. Lots of gray herons. They were really quite magnificent as they came pouring across the sky – a little like the cranes but much, much lower… and almost entirely silent. Cool.