Photo Art Friday – Self portrait

An interesting development from last week’s challenge…

This kind of grew out of as little conscious intent as possible – I tried to stick with feelings and hunches and not think too much about it… good excercise! 🙂


The component parts


I used two of my photos and one of my own textures, along with Bonnie’s pdpa Vintage Craquelure and pdpa Dropped Petals textures (though the latter was not used with the b/w version).

For the various versions I’ve simply played with layer compositions and blending modes to change the atmosphere. Kind of fits different moods, to me.





I do love the way Bonnie’s textures lift the colours of an image – if you want them to!

Further self-portrayal can be found in the gallery at

Photo Art Friday – Brown Rice Paper

Well, it’s not brown in my version because I was looking for a little more… drama…
It also wasn’t on time for the PAF showcasing… but I’ll leave it in anyway 🙂


This is one in a series, really, though I haven’t quite decided what to do with them, or if they should all be edited in the same way.

For this, I’ve really used a double edit, as I had already settled on an Instagram Earlybird style editing (actually done in Photoshop for better quality) with an added papery texture for the original htc shot. Seeing the pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture challenge, I decided to go a little further and turned it black-and-white, gave it a Watercolour filter treatment, and added the green channel of the texture (as grayscale) in two layers – one at Hard Light mode (50%) and one at Colour Burn (64%).

Sorry for the long silence, hopefully it’ll all be improving from now on 🙂

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