Long-tailed bushtit

Quite unexpectedly I found myself surrounded by these little beauties on a photo-walk today! Tiny, almost spherical-looking, and startlingly white in the so far grey-green landscape around here…



One of them was so busy with its search for tidbits in the bushes that it let me come fairly close… though admittedly it looks like this particular one has a bit of a history of reckless behaviour…



Photo Art Friday – Sky


Well, there *are* skies there… The sunset sky should be obvious, but it is also reflected in the colour of the big droplet… And for this PAF it is the colours that count for me, as I used them to create this month’s contributions to the gallery: one shot, two versions, each infused with the colours of different skies…



My little homage to the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid… 😉

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Photo Art Friday – Exits; and an entry…

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, and my photo/art has been suffering a little for it… I do want to keep in there, though, so for this week’s PAF challenge I opted to browse through some stuff I did before Christmas. Some way before…




Actually, this was kind of good, too. Usually, I tend to get so caught up with the stuff I do that I always risk cramming too much into it in the end – and then I’m in such a hurry either to get it up here because I’m happy with where it went, or I just ditch it ’cause it didn’t come out right and then I never look at it again… I need to learn to take a step back and do a little at a time with some – if not all, really – images.

The drawback is that there is no way I can remember what I did with these, other than lots of layers and usually two or more textures for each shot, blended in various modes as the fancy takes me… I do know that I was trying out “Colour burn” mode quite forcefully on two of them.

Right now, they suit my mood.

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Fototriss 196 – Portals

(Svenskspråkiga besökare är välkomna att kommentera på svenska! Ingen språkångest… 😉 )

Doors, portals, gateways… I’m afraid Helena will look in vain for curly portal decorations and hinges in my triss this week, but I have fodder for a slightly different interpretation.

A shoot out on the flats around here today brought a very handsome tree into focus, and trees have a bit of a history as portals to other dimensions, not least in folklore and mythology.

In the olden days, an old and twisted tree on the outskirts of a village might be said to hold the pains and and illnesses of villagers. By dint of the right ritual, one could presumably move one’s physical problems into the tree. The tree thus became a portal from the physical into the spritual, and offered a doorway through which one could metaphorically kick the demons causing all the trouble…

The tree is also a gateway to other dimensions in some shamanistic cosmologies. The symbolism of roots in the earth and branches stretching towards heaven is not particularily hard to grasp…

… though, of course, at this time of year, popular imagery tends to suggest that there is a rather different direction that a tree might take you, should you be unwary enough to let one get too close…

Happy Halloween, all!

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