Light therapy

The year has turned and the days are getting longer again. As if to emphasize this, last night provided plenty of snow and today offered sunshine from a cloudless sky, making a photo-walk in the fields an exquisitely light experience.





The bird in the treetop is a parrot crossbill – a new acquaintance for me!

Photo Art Friday – ‘Abstract’ challenge

Being rather literal-minded myself, abstract art often seems beyond my comprehension. Still, there would be no challenge if it didn’t make you think in new ways! Maybe I’ll never figure it out anyway, but at least I got to have a bit of fun on the way. As Bonnie said:

“We each have the experience we have and must start there. [… Progress] only happens if you are willing to begin … willing to be a beginner … willing to share your steps as a beginner … and willing to be proud of the courage it takes to begin!

Have fun!!!”

So I did 🙂

I started out with a shot of oak branches, because the patterns they make against the sky always fascinates me.



I added an unknown number of layers of the pdpa Dropped Petals texture, wanting to contrast the squares of the texture with the flowing lines of the tree branches. Then I added the pdpa Painterly texture, saved a separate selection for each of the squares in Dropped Petals, and used the selections to divide Painterly into as many separate layers. Then I went nuts on the blending modes…
Finally, I added a totally unrelated square to the upper left and inverted that because I wanted a different splash of colour as well…

Then I felt that I wanted to do something a little less… exuberant as well… One of the shots from my latest ‘dog session’ was chosen.



Here, too, I wanted to play with the squares (abstraction may be beyond me, but I do like geometrical shapes 😉 …). In this case I added Dropped Petals and the pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture – much to mute the colours a bit and get a bit of a vignette – and then picked two of the ‘Petals’ squares to dislodge a bit… A little shading, and in the end a merging with a ‘charcoal and chalk’ filtered version as well, and I was kind of pleased with it…

Thanks Bonnie for providing us with so much fun!

I’m now hoping to get to learn a lot about abstract art at

Photo Art Friday – Exits; and an entry…

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, and my photo/art has been suffering a little for it… I do want to keep in there, though, so for this week’s PAF challenge I opted to browse through some stuff I did before Christmas. Some way before…




Actually, this was kind of good, too. Usually, I tend to get so caught up with the stuff I do that I always risk cramming too much into it in the end – and then I’m in such a hurry either to get it up here because I’m happy with where it went, or I just ditch it ’cause it didn’t come out right and then I never look at it again… I need to learn to take a step back and do a little at a time with some – if not all, really – images.

The drawback is that there is no way I can remember what I did with these, other than lots of layers and usually two or more textures for each shot, blended in various modes as the fancy takes me… I do know that I was trying out “Colour burn” mode quite forcefully on two of them.

Right now, they suit my mood.

See more interpretations and beautiful photo art at

Fototriss 196 – Portals

(Svenskspråkiga besökare är välkomna att kommentera på svenska! Ingen språkångest… 😉 )

Doors, portals, gateways… I’m afraid Helena will look in vain for curly portal decorations and hinges in my triss this week, but I have fodder for a slightly different interpretation.

A shoot out on the flats around here today brought a very handsome tree into focus, and trees have a bit of a history as portals to other dimensions, not least in folklore and mythology.

In the olden days, an old and twisted tree on the outskirts of a village might be said to hold the pains and and illnesses of villagers. By dint of the right ritual, one could presumably move one’s physical problems into the tree. The tree thus became a portal from the physical into the spritual, and offered a doorway through which one could metaphorically kick the demons causing all the trouble…

The tree is also a gateway to other dimensions in some shamanistic cosmologies. The symbolism of roots in the earth and branches stretching towards heaven is not particularily hard to grasp…

… though, of course, at this time of year, popular imagery tends to suggest that there is a rather different direction that a tree might take you, should you be unwary enough to let one get too close…

Happy Halloween, all!

More doors at

That tree

I mentioned the great fir in our garden, and I wanted to show it – and its little quirk…

It’s big. As you could see in the Autumn splashes post, it’s about a couple of metres taller than *anything* else in the area, but that’s not the funniest thing about it…


You see how there appears to be another fir sticking up behind the big one in the middle of this picture? Just the tip peeking up? It’s not…


… it’s actually growing from the big one! Follow the ‘other’ tree’s trunk down, and you’ll see that it emerges, in fact, from a branch of the big one. It’s like a little Christmas tree, growing there!

I wonder if I could get the neighbours to put lights up there this year…

Fototriss 188 – Patterns

I did manage to find some patterns after all!

The old treestump in the middle of our lawn has shed a lot of bark, and behind it can be seen the patterns made by larvae and insects as they’ve chewed their way along…

And this week’s challenge is also a competition, this time sponsored by Photowall!

See the whole pattern at